Decarbonisation of Steel Production

Steelmakers are setting ambitious targets for CO2 reduction and investing in transformational projects. The World Steel Association brings together the world’s leading steelmakers and advocates a 3-track approach that will not only reduce CO2 emissions but will also help create a more sustainable operation of the global economy:

Track 1Reducing Impact

Improving operational efficiency – through a 4-stage efficiency review process (“Step Up”).

Maximise scrap use – steel is already the world’s most recycled material and global scrap availability is expected to reach one billion tonnes by 2030, leading to further reductions in the CO2 per tonne of steel produced.

Breakthrough technology – to revolutionise steelmaking through the use of hydrogen to replace fossil fuels and carbon capture and storage to prevent emissions.


Track 2Advanced steel products to enable societal transformation

Steel makes huge contributions to reducing emissions in other sectors – in mobility, renewable energy and zero energy buildings.

Track 3Promoting material efficiency through the circular economy

Steel industry is working with its customers to encourage a whole life cycle approach to steel products and their design and material choices.

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