Education has become an important part of political debate once again, with the focus falling on the technical capabilities of our college and university leavers.

It is always difficult to wade through what is fact or fiction. Since the inception of Galvanizers Association, an important element of our service has been our CPD seminars.

GA were part of the founding group of organisations to join the RIBA CPD providers network. It is humbling today to be told at a recent seminar “a really informative presentation made all the better by being given without the sales pitch”.

Should more be being taught with regards to corrosion protection at graduate level?

The simple answer would be an obvious yes. But it could be argued that there are many important subjects that should be added to architectural and engineering courses. Some may argue that an understanding of design for the long term should be learnt through experience.

Whatever the answers, if you are an architect, engineer, contractor or student, we aim to continue to provide our CPD seminars and are in the process of resurrecting our university lectures.
So please give me a call.

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