Galvanizing companies the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland will take part in the first Industry Open Day this Autumn. Hot dip galvanizing is a highly controlled factory led process and anything from small nuts and bolts up to large structural sections can be galvanized.

Whether it be for agriculture, horticulture, transport, construction, or the energy sector – these are products for all spheres of life, even your garden gate. Whatever the item, the process is a sight worth seeing. It is always amazing to see dull grey steel transformed into something shining and silver.

Our event is open to all within the construction industry and it is hoped that it will provide an opportunity for professionals to get first hand experience of the process.

Two of our featured articles respond to pressing needs for expansion and improvement of our transport network and provision of sustainable energy.

Both projects provide solutions based on good practice; Haymarket station provides a new hub for the transport network around Edinburgh while the Low Carbon Energy Centre in Greenwich answers a local need that will be generated by new housing and business developments.

We hope this will enable specifiers to consider galvanizing within the important context of corrosion protection of steel within our built environment.

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