The new footbridge designed by Addison Conservation and Design caught my eye out of all the impressive projects featured in this issue. The bridge spans the river Tweed and on first sight may be a run of the mill pedestrian bridge; on closer inspection the complex nature of its slender design and mitigation of wind and resistance to deal with flood driven debris come to light.

The result could have been a robust over engineered structure, however, Addison’s have deployed delicate engineered detailing that literally lifts the design above the mundane.

On an entirely different vein, a recent tour of a galvanizing plant with a small group of enthusiastic architects made me realise the importance of witnessing manufacturing in its full glory.

The gasps of delight on seeing the shimmering coating as the steelwork was being withdrawn from the galvanizing tank and the joyful rummaging through the storage yard of processed steelwork to find their favourite piece of galvanized steel, led to a renewed appreciation of what they admitted was an overlooked, taken for granted process.

The visit reinforced the importance of our second ‘Industry Open Day’ that will be taking place across the UK & Ireland in October.

It would be good to see you at one of the plants.

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