Inside issue 1-2020:

  • a new research and employment centre in Germany;
  • the redesign of a farmhouse extension in Devon;
  • a new further education college in Shropshire;
  • a sustainable concept for housing in Belgium;
  • a renovated ski jump in Germany
  • and the recent revision to EN ISO 14713 : 2020 – Part 2.
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Editorial: Over time I have come across many myths related to the construction industry, some of which date back to practices that may have been prevalent many years ago, but nobody would recognise today. One of these myths that is closer to home is that, galvanizing is a time consuming process that takes weeks to complete!

The opposite is actually true – hot dip galvanizing can protect steelwork for decades and yet takes a matter of minutes to apply. Orders are monitored in a computer-controlled environment and can be delivered directly to site.

Although hot dip galvanizing occurs at the end of the supply chain, it should still be prioritised. If you communicate well with the galvanizer, include them in the construction schedule as you would your other sub-contractors, then hot dip galvanizing will have many time-saving, and therefore cost-saving benefits.

The recent revision to EN ISO 14713: 2020 – Part 2  provides essential advice for detailing of steelwork that will aid in not only work being processed safely but also help to avoid unnecessary delays.

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