This edition of HDG magazine with its stand out projects helps to emphasise a few important aspects of galvanizing that we endeavour to explain to construction professionals on a regular basis.

The given: the natural reaction between clean steel and molten zinc not only provides a durable coating but one that is its metallurgically bonded to the steel.

The natural: the reaction that occurs between the steel and zinc is natural and the finish is not dictated by the galvanizer.

This is aptly described by one of our contributors – “As with materials such as wood and stone, the finish of hot dip galvanizing with its naturally occurring variation, provides a visual richness which gracefully ages over time,” Tim Fyles, partner at Fletcher Priest.

The audacious: the coating can self-heal itself in areas of damage. Corrosion products from the coating may deposit on the steel resealing it from the atmosphere.

A recent trend that has developed particularly in Germany is the use of galvanized steel plate for façade systems. It may be interesting for us to create a trend of our own.

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