Inside issue 4-2022:

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Editorial: Housing, or lack of it, has been an issue for the UK and Ireland for many years. The provision of affordable social accommodation is an even starker issue of our times.

Where to build, build quality and the creation of sustainable communities seem to be a conundrum that we have only achieved in fits and starts. Although there is no lack of inventiveness within the design sector, legislative restrictions and economics have held the sector back.

Two enlightening projects from Spain (page 3 and 10) show how both affordable and sustainable housing can be built that is sympathetic to its locality and inhabitants while still crucially contributing to a sustainable future.

Key design aspects of both projects combine a healthy interplay between public and private space and material use. The importance of community is emphasised by the creation of open spaces that allow residents to interact and take ownership. This is reinforced by the build quality and the natural interaction between the use of galvanized steel and timber.

There is no shortage of ability or desire to create sustainable and affordable housing, the only missing link is the legislative and economic push to make it happen.

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