Galvanized Steel:

Keeping railway decarbonisation on track

Given the demand for growth to be sustainable, UK construction can no longer rely on single life components and disposable materials, and the principles of circular economics will underpin all future construction, including rail decarbonisation and transport infrastructure.

Steel is already one of the most commonly used materials in the railway sector; it is strong, versatile and cost-efficient. By galvanizing steel, it offers a sustainable solution for the UK and Ireland as they transition to a more decarbonised, circular economy.

steel+galvanizing=rail decarbonisation

Circularity   Flexibility   Longevity   Easy Erection   Saves Carbon

Durability Supports Railway Decarbonisation

In accordance with the hierarchy of approaches in meeting the circular economy, building for net zero should mean building to last. Using products that are reliable and durable can significantly reduce carbon footprint over the lifetime of the structure.

Our new guide details how galvanized steel can help deliver UK rails ambitious decarbonisation plan. It explains the many advantages of using steel and galvanizing within a circular design philosophy that will ultimately help with delivering decarbonised transport infrastructure.

Hot Dip Galvanizing Offers Many Advantages for Railway Infrastructure:

  • Provides up to 170 years of protection for steel
  • Predictability of performance
  • Easy to inspect
  • Helps to make steel more reusable

A galvanized coating offers predictable corrosion protection that weathers in a linear fashion. Coating thicknesses are measurable and offer lifespans that can be easily forecast and relied upon. The longevity of galvanized steel offers zero maintenance solutions and avoids costly, carbon intensive repairs, which makes it an ideal solution for today’s infrastructure needs.

Galvanizers Association can provide up to date information on the performance of galvanizing. A key reference source is the Atmospheric Corrosion Map that provides atmospheric performance data for a hot dip galvanized coating across the UK and Ireland.Rail Decarbonising Map

Galvanized Steel and the Circular Economy

Galvanized steel aligns well with the requirements of the new circular economy and is considered a sustainable material, that can deliver multiple life cycles. It is ideally suited to infrastructure projects and can help decarbonise public transport.

A Circular Material for the Rail Sector

Galvanized steel is the perfect circular material to ensure that the rail structures can be designed with maximum flexibility and to enable construction products to be used across multiple life cycles.

Rail Decarbonisation Durability