How to measure a gate

Before you order your gates it is important that you have a good idea of your measurements. Most gate manufacturers will need to know your gap size rather than the size of the gate you need in order to ensure it will fit properly. They will also consider space for posts and fittings if required, plus ground clearance. Always think about your gate as if you were viewing it from the roadside.

measure gate

Hanging on Brickwork and / or Walls

Step 1 – measure the gap that you wish to fill (top and bottom gap measurements).

Step 2 – decide on which side the latch needs to be fitted as viewed from the roadside or outside looking in.

Step 3 – the standard allowance for clearance is 2” (5cm) under the gate or railing.

If you plan to hang your metal gates or railing on posts you need to allow extra space for them. Each manufacturer varies so it is best to simply measure the gap you want to fill and get a rough idea of the height from the ground to the top of your existing posts or wall.

Hanging from posts

If you already have steel posts, brick pillars or walls, simply take the measurements between them, top and bottom.

Please note: This information is a guideline only, all manufacturers vary and may have different size listings.

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