Why steel is sustainable

Manufactured from the most abundant element on earth, iron, steel can be recycled or reused endlessly without detriment to its properties.

Its superior strength-to-weight ratio means a little steel goes a long way, giving specifiers complete flexibility to achieve their most ambitious designs. Manufactured in a controlled factory environment, pre-engineered steel components are delivered to site ready for rapid assembly, with no waste.

The nature of the steel construction process is the source of numerous sustainable benefits. All of the fabrication, testing and certification takes place in a safe, carefully controlled and monitored factory environment. Here, consistently high quality standards can be maintained and assured, with each component manufactured to the exact specifications of each project. This leads to quicker, safer and more predictable on-site operations. Offsite construction has clear environmental benefits, with on-site waste virtually eliminated and fewer deliveries to site, cutting carbon emissions associated with transport.

Benefits of using steel

Steel - embodied carbon

Steel recycling