Architecture Award Winner 2018

gaga_Winner_BlackThe 2018 Architecture Award winner was ‘Old Shed New House’ by Tonkin Liu Architects.

‘Old Shed New House’ is a home nestled within the agricultural landscape of North Yorkshire. The client sought a high quality, energy-efficient and low-cost building to serve as a house, library and gallery.

“Uses reflective and intriguing qualities of galvanized steel in a creative way, does so while taking advantage of its practical advantages both internally and externally.” Isabelle Priest, Galvanizing Awards Judge

Architecture Award Winners 2018
The winners of the architecture award used galvanised steel throughout the project, both internal and externally. It creates an exposed exoskeleton that holds up the cantilevering canopies and forms a minimal capping detail at the roof edge.

Inside, it is used structurally to form the slender-profiled bridge and mezzanine in the gallery and library, as well as for sliding perforated flyscreens and to form shadow gap junctions throughout.

It is hoped that this project demonstrates both the aesthetic and structural qualities inherent in the material, and encourages more exploration of its potential use in this way.

“Plays with natural finishes and skillful details to transform an old agricultural shed into a residential building of fine architectural quality in its own right.” Isabelle Priest, Riba Journal


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