Green façades

LIKO-Vo, Czech Republic

Green façades are in vogue and are not just a design element. They can protect buildings from overheating in summer, thereby rendering air conditioning for building cooling unnecessary. They also contribute to the well-being of building users. Although their advantages can also be demonstrated in industrial construction, green façades are rarely found in this sector. An exception to this is Liko-Vo.

Liko Vo
LIKO-VoTypical exhibition halls and warehousing are usually executed as “tin cans” which, in summer, often heat up to an extreme degree due to solar radiation, making work unbearable. In contrast, LIKO-Vo utilizes the concept of a “living building”, which contributes to thermal stabilisation in a natural way and ensures comfortable temperatures even in high summer.

This is achieved through a green roof, a green façade, a retention pond, and other technologies. The walls inside the hall are also green. Hot dip galvanized steel was used for the hall skeleton, the roof substructure, and steel components in the outdoor area such as stairs, railings, and paths. Hot dip galvanized steel is not only characterized by longevity and robustness, but can also be reused after dismantling and is ultimately recyclable without any loss of quality.

Photos © Anna Vavríková, Mafra

Architect:Fránek Architects

Image:Anna Vavríková, Mafra

Posted onOctober 17, 2023 byGalvanizers Association

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