Sustainable Award Winner 2020

With environmental efficiency an ever-pressing concern, Galvanizers Association was pleased to award the Sustainability Award to a special project focused on the sensitive use of sites in danger of coastal erosion.

The Listening Station by Beech Architects replaces a former Royal Navy structure with two new, portable, low-energy holiday homes. Built with galvanized steel frames, not only can they be moved to various locations, they are also designed to be ‘infinitely recyclable’.

The project was the demolition of an old Royal Navy listening station that was at risk of falling into the sea from coastal erosion. The new holiday homes have panoramic views across the North Sea from the fast eroding cliff top. These buildings can be simply disconnected and craned onto a vehicle, then moved inland to an appropriate location. This is portable architecture that adapts to coastal change whilst diversifying farm income.

The completed structures replace a derelict building of asbestos and concrete that was a problem for the landowner. They have enabled the farm owner to diversify income, fund the removal of a derelict brownfield building avoiding costs if erosion caused collapse and at the same time provide a pair of landmark buildings located on the cliff top adding to the tourist accommodation in the local area.

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