Sustainable Award 2020

The Galvanizing Awards are a free annual competition which has been recognising the use of galvanizing since 1994.

We see galvanized steel as a national asset within the UK and Ireland, which will play an increased role within circular economies. As an infinitely re-usable and versatile material it can form the backbone of adaptive and resilient architecture and infrastructure. Our awards show increasingly that architects, engineers, designers and indeed artists are finding new ways to harness the lifecycle potential of galvanized steel.
Iqbal Johal, Marketing Manager at Galvanizers Association

About the Sustainable Award

Sustainability AwardFor the GAGA sustainable award, the judges will consider the overall project’s sustainability concept and the role that galvanized steel plays in the delivery of it.

They will look for a project where galvanized steel is used mainly for its ecological benefits, which will be clearly reflected within the project’s description and philosophy behind it. Judging of the sustainability award is based on merit and not the scale of the project.

‘We’re really chuffed to win the Sustainability Award. It’s fabulous, it’s great… one of the best projects that we’ve done’

Henry Amos, director of Brightblue Studio, on winning a Sustainability Award

Why enter the sustainable award

  • Get recognition for your project.
  • Get featured in Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine (distributed across Europe).
  • Get profiled on our website.
  • Be a part of our PR campaign.
  • Win a unique galvanized watering can.
  • Raise the profile of your practice.

Eligibility for the Sustainability Award

All projects, new or refurbished, from across the UK and Ireland, completed after 1st January 2018 are eligible for the sustainability award. All UK companies can enter a project located overseas.

All we need from you are:
1. Good quality photos
2. A short description of where galvanizing was used

Regardless of whether you have a small, artistic installation or a large-scale industrial building, all projects are judged on merit not scale.

“It’s fantastic to be able to come to UK and receive recognition for an Irish project.” Sustainable Award Winner 2009

Rebecca Egen, Elmpark Urban Quarters, Sustainable Award Winner

Visibility for Sustainability Award Contestants

Hot Dip Galvanizing is a free, international magazine produced on a quarterly basis. Featuring projects from the UK, Ireland and Europe, one issue is dedicated every year to the winning projects.

The GAGA brochure showcases the shortlisted and the winning projects.

Additionally, all shortlisted projects get a profile on our website.

David Vine & Richard Horsted, Global Rail Construction, Sustainable Award Winner 

Winners of the Sustainability Award

Sustainable Award

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Sustainable Award Winner 2019

Hauxley Wildlife Discovery Centre was the 2019 sustainability award winner.

It is proving to be one of the best wildlife-watching locations in the North East, working as a signpost to 4 other local wildlife reserves.

In addition, on the “Coastal Tourism Path” it acts as an attraction and information hub for other local tourism destinations, ‘staycations’ and activities such as the Puffin Festival and Coquet Island visits and as a catalyst for additional services.

Read more about the 2019 sustainable award winner.

Sustainability Award

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Sustainable Award Winner 2018

The winner of the 2018 Sustainable Award was Millar + Howard for Dursley Treehouse.

Built on a small plot in the centre of Dursley, this house was designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding trees and to preserve the natural habitat of the site.

Read more about the 2018 sustainable award winner.

Previous winners of the sustainable award category: