Architect:Shufflebottom Ltd - Morgan Sindall

Image:Steve Sharpe, Shufflebottom Ltd

Innovative Infrastructure

Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station, Wales

Situated in the heart of Merthyr Tydfil, a striking example of sustainable transport infrastructure has taken root, setting new benchmarks for Wales. The bus station, a product of meticulous planning and execution, not only adhered to deadlines and budgetary constraints but achieved 100% customer satisfaction. Introducing a groundbreaking feature, it stands as Wales’ inaugural electric vehicle charging station, seamlessly aligning with the Welsh Government’s ambitious goal of an all-electric public transport system by 2028.

The funding graciously provided by the Welsh Government underscores their dedication to a greener future. The station, a manifestation of sustainable design, entirely avoids reliance on gas or fossil fuels. Its heating and hot water systems derive from renewable sources, complemented by a rainwater harvesting mechanism catering to the facility’s sanitation needs.

The two-storey steel-framed primary structure spans an impressive 1130 m². Its distinct zinc roof pays homage to the iconic Cyfarthfa ironworks, a poignant reference to the town’s rich heritage. Over a third of the structural steel was galvanized for corrosion protection, forming the outer layer of the structure.

The ground floor accommodates 11 internal stands, including a coach-accessible bay, prioritizing convenience for the public. Bathed in natural light, the modern public concourse features expansive glass façades. Every inch of the space is designed for accessibility, ensuring a seamless experience for all with flat or ramped flooring. A kiosk, café, and public restrooms enhance the station’s convenience. Ascending to the second floor reveals a spacious area for the main bus operator, complete with mess facilities.

Externally, the station offers three additional stands and four electric charging points tailored for taxis. A commitment to sustainability permeated every aspect of this project. Guided by Circular Economy principles, the team incorporated recycled natural stone and timber soffits into the design. The building’s layered construction promises hassle-free maintenance and eventual deconstruction and reuse, aligning with a forward-looking environmental vision.

The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) played a pivotal role in the project’s success. It facilitated precise mapping of underground services, intricate roof design, and seamless coordination of complex services arrangements, all while reinforcing the circular economy strategy.

merthyr tydfil bus station shufflebottom morgan sindall

The collaborative efforts of the team navigated intricate logistical challenges. The site, intersected by three major highways and five pedestrian routes, successfully maintained the flow of the bustling city center. The team coordinated with public realm and infrastructure projects, further enhancing the accessibility and functionality of the area. The Merthyr Tydfil Bus Station has been a source of social value, injecting over £9.5 million into the local community. A robust social value strategy, in tandem with the council, ensured that 94% of expenditures remained local.

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Architect:Shufflebottom Ltd - Morgan Sindall

Image:Steve Sharpe, Shufflebottom Ltd

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