Galvanizing in Art Award

Who Can Enter the Art Award

This award is open to any professional artist, metalworker or designer at any stage in their career.

Why You Should Enter

The free, annual GAGA competition has been running for over 25 years and celebrates the diversity of galvanizing. It provides a chance to meet and network with other professionals in the industry and celebrate excellence in your field.

The big thing about the GAGAs is having fun, getting people together, sharing information and recognising innovative use of galvanized steel.
Iqbal Johal, Galvanizers Association Marketing Manager

Listed below are the reasons why you should enter the GAGAs.

  1. Get recognition for your project
  2. Get featured in Hot Dip Galvanizing Magazine (distributed across Europe)
  3. Be a part of our PR campaign
  4. Win a unique galvanized watering can
  5. Raise the profile of your practice.

Plus, it’s absolutely free to enter. Submit your project/s and Enter the GAGAs

Art Award Criteria

The GAGA Award for Galvanizing in Art will be awarded to the most compelling use of galvanized steelwork in contemporary art and the built environment.

The judging panel will consider any work that harnesses the creative potential of galvanized steel:

  • monumental and public art
  • art installation
  • and smaller scale, private commercial pieces.

Judging of the awards is based on merit and not the scale of the project.

Submit your project/s and Enter the GAGAs