Published July 2021

Datasheet 7: Handling During the Galvanizing Process

There are many galvanizing plants within the UK and Republic of Ireland, all of whom offer a variety of galvanizing bath dimensions and galvanizing services.

The galvanizer may also be responsible for the transport and handling of the fabrication, both before and after galvanizing.

HDG Datasheet 7 - considerations before hot dip galvanizing- handling during theprocess

Fabrication dimensions, weights and other related factors are very important in the hot dip galvanizing process and a communication chain is encouraged between the specifier, fabricator and the galvanizer to limit any problems which might arise during the process.

This datasheet offers information on the following:

  • Bath dimensions and article weight
  • Double dipping
  • Suspension
  • Thickness of material to be galvanized
  • Optimising designs for galvanizing

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