Published July 2021

Datasheet 17: Pregalvanized Steel versus Batch Galvanized Products

It is a common misconception that any zinc coating can be termed as galvanizing but this is in fact not the case as there are many different processes by which a zinc coating may be applied.

Pre Galvanized SteelHot Dip Galvanizing refers only to coatings formed by immersing steelwork into molten zinc. However, there are two variations of the Hot Dip Galvanizing processes: Batch Galvanizing and Pregalvanizing.

Read the datasheet for more information on:

  • Batch hot dipĀ galvanizing
  • Pregalvanized steel products
  • Pregalvanized steel sheet
  • Pregalvanized steel tubes
  • Pregalvanized wire
  • Batch hot dip galvanizing and pregalvanized coatings comparison

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