Engineering Award Winner 2018

gaga_Winner_BlackThe winner of the 2018 Galvanizing in Engineering Award was Middleton of Rora by Shand Building Design.

Shand Building Design (SBD) produced a unique building that focussed on key issues that they discovered were affecting the welfare of livestock and working processes.

Some of the key issues that needed to be addressed were:

  • Creation of more working space to improve labour intensive tasks
  • Limited light and ventilation
  • Improvement of livestock welfare
  • Logistics of slurry handling and handling of animals requiring treatment.

“Improving the quality of life of the operatives and livestock within”
Matthew Wells, Galvanizing Awards Judge

The project that won the 2018 engineering award took ten months from start to finish at a total cost of £1.3 million and has already proved to be a success as milk yield has increased by 50%.

Shand Building Design - Engineering Award Winner

“Everyday building made special”
Matthew Wells, Techniker

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