Meet the galvanizing experts

Meet the galvanizing experts at Galvanizers Association. They have an extensive knowledge in the field and will provide the best advice for your situation. Give them a call at 0121 355 8838.

William Smith Galvanizing Expert

BSc, MSc, MIMMM, MICorr, CEng

William has 27 years metallurgist and materials scientist experience. During his 21 years as the Technical Manager at Galvanizers Association, he has been Chair of International (ISO) and European (CEN) Standards development committees for hot dip galvanizing. He has also conducted in-depth investigations.



Desmond Makepeace Galvanizing Expert

Technical Executive
PhD BEng MICorr ICorr HDG Inspector

Desmond has provided a technical support service to the industry for 14 years. Dealing with over 2,000 enquiries per annum, he covers all aspects of the galvanizing process and coating specification and performance. He has also conducted approximately 300 on-site inspections checking for compliance against international standards.



Technical Manager
BSc (Hons)

Luke is a Mathematician and Physicist by trade, having graduated from the University of Warwick in 2014 with a First-Class Joint Honours degree. Luke joined Galvanizers Association in 2021 from the Railway Engineering sector and now manages the industry’s technical, environmental and health and safety programmes. 



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