Sustainable Award Winner 2018

Construction Awards WinnerThe winner of the 2018 Sustainable Award was Millar + Howard for Dursley Treehouse.

Built on a small plot in the centre of Dursley, this house was designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding trees and to preserve the natural habitat of the site.

Featured on Grand Designs in September 2016, the Treehouse garnered much interest for its beautiful cantilevered structure, its low environmental impact and for the romanticism of living in a ‘treehouse’.

“The scheme has a very committed approach to sustainability making a concerted effort to reuse as many particle components as possible, while still producing very good architecture.”
Matthew Wells, Galvanizing Awards Judge

Millar + Howard Workshop wanted to design a structure that was distinct from the trees yet complimented their form, textures and patterns, a building that differed from a typical treehouse.

Sustainable Award Winner 2018

Millar + Howard Workshop – Sustainability Award Winner

Keen not to recreate a woodsman’s hut or a chalet, they drew inspiration from projects like the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway.

By proposing a design that highly contrasted with its surroundings but didn’t distract from them, the winners of the GAGA sustainable award allowed the building to become part of the wood and the shadows that the trees create.

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