Urban Redevelopment

With the launch of Rebuilding Ireland – Action plan for housing and homelessness, the government is attempting to accelerate housing supply in order to help with the dire need of individuals and families to meet their housing needs.

Urban RedevelopmentA simple analysis of the figures reveals the enormity of the task ahead, not only for government but all concerned with the provision of housing in whatever form it may take. If the ambitious goals set out in the action plan are to be realised all involved from developer, designer, builder, fabricator, sub-contractor need to be singing off the same hymn sheet.

Galvanizers Association Ireland intends to collaborate with the industry to try to deliver the ambitious goals set by government.


What can GA do?

  • Will it make any difference for the Irish urban redevelopment?
  • Surely GA is too small to make much of a contribution?

Yes, it may be true to say that GA on its own may not be able to make a difference but our core contribution of corrosion protection can go a long way. It is estimated that the  cost of corrosion can be as high as 4% of annual GDP.

Provent Honest Sustainable

The Three Pillars of Galvanizing

We would ask government and the specification chain to work with industry bodies such as ourselves to deliver their ambitious plans.

It goes without saying that success will only be achieved if some core principles can be delivered throughout the action plan; good practical design ethos, cost efficiency and effective lines of communication. Lessons learned from past mistakes within high-density housing need to be implemented and not just paid lip service.

Our contribution to Rebuilding Ireland would include the encouragement of longer-term thinking, with attention paid to sustainability  and material choice. No one material can take the lead and how different materials can be used together should form an integral part of the overall design philosophy.

We are here to help with urban redevelopment

We are here to help you with urban redevelopment projects, we can offer free information on:

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